The Sound Animal Pandora Channel

Sound Animal's Pandora station started with Dead Meadow first as the song it played similar to the music. And Megrez' Gordion Knot.

Then, it played Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 by Earth.

Life is now fulfilled.

A subscriber…

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Sound Animal Song on The Parish News Radio

If you like experimental, avant-garde music, drone, ambient and otherwise beautiful innovative music, listen to Andrew Backhouse's The Parish News regularly on Mixcloud. You can subscribe and get them sent to your inbox each week so you don't forget, and…

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Interview with Sound Animal

(Note the Comacozer tee shirt)

Thank you for this interview. My readers might not know much about you. Your career is wildly impressive: author, and music. Can you tell us a story about how you got your start

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Second Guest Playlist on Doomed and Stoned Show

I got to do a another guest playlist for the Doomed and Stoned show, a popular podcast tirelessly run by the great Billy Goate, which you can find on many online venues. It brings attention to Stoner/Doom Metal bands, helping…

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Guest Playlist on Doomed and Stoned Show

Why that image? Well, it's pretty generally Doom-macabre the way he's melting. Also, there's a strong sun theme in the songs, so, well, this character has been out a leeeetle too long.

It's an honor to participate in Billy Goate's…

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Responses to Sound Animal Music


These quotes are not meant to be used by media without asking first.

I love them. They remind me of the American guitarist Bill Horist. Either way, I am a fan of Horist, and now I am a fan of…

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