These story-like, strongly visual pieces could be imagined accompanying film or video. These form a body of work that's a soundtrack to reality and to imaginary movies.

This page isn't just here for music supervisors, indie-filmakers. It's here for anyone wanting to listen to music that feels right as a backdrop for today. A few example tracks below.

For your consideration

Do you need something special for a project or want something new created? The instrumental pieces in the PERSONAL MUSIC PRODUCTION LIBRARY are available for the right projects. Feel free to contact  Rosemary Bensko (SA) with interest and we can discuss. While submitting music to a 3rd party production music library is appealing, there's a matter of ethics... What if the music is used in something not aligned with SA's convictions and world view? This way, the music can be offered for projects that are aligned with the animal values that honor the natural world, truth and freedom.


The pieces below are generally big, relating to drama on a vast scale.

Big, bold, dramatic. Not distributed.

International conflict, dramatic, large scale themes, rich, complex, dramatic, modern Classical.

Walking through shifting winds, ambient with a Classical feel. Not distributed.

Dramatic, slow, stormy, deep feeling, scene coming over landscape, deep, melody over highly unusual ambience.