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Each tune transports you to a dramatic location such as snowdrifts full of action, as you're in the befuddled mind of a lurching sleepwalker, or a traditional ice harvest where some villages celebrate the good winter under the Northern Lights with a folk dance before joining the others with the long straight saws.

The pieces are unique concepts with innovative methods of creating sound, such as a tennis racket hooked up to an external transducer, played with a rocket, run through effects pedals, the sound manipulated with unexpected settings. A dulcimer played with a violin bow complements the racket's dissonant harsh noise on tunes such as Ice Saw. The nobility of nature shines through these pieces.

Kryrart Ambient is a dark label based in Germany that releases international bands such as Sigil of Time from Russia and Alchon. KA favors elements such as some harsh dissonance, hypnotic melancholy slow beauty, aching for the sanctity of pristine wilderness. The label fosters dark ambient/dungeon synth/dark folk/dark wave/dark electronica. It's parent label is all Metal: Kryrart Records.

Steve Gilmartin, also of Berkeley, California, makes guest appearances on one tune with electric guitar.

The album will be very shortly distributed to YouTube, Spotify, and all the other sites. Pandora also always includes Sound Animal music.

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Sound Animal

Slow down for a magic carpet ride as each Lo-Fi tune transports you to an exotic state of mind in a dramatic location mimicked by the instruments. You're not a tourist here. You inhabit each place like a dream, a lifetime.

Released by Kryrart Ambient label in Germany. The album is subtly different from much ambient in that it's not electronic, no

Slow down for a magic carpet ride as each Lo-Fi tune transports you to an exotic state of mind in a dramatic location mimicked by the instruments. You're not a tourist here. You inhabit each place like a dream, a lifetime.

Released by Kryrart Ambient label in Germany. The album is subtly different from much ambient in that it's not electronic, no samples or synths. But an electrified tennis racket played with a rock.

The lengthy Avant-Garde Dark Ambient Instrumentals are created always with a Gibson Paul II guitar, and also dulcimers played with a bow, silver flute, double shepherd's flute, pungi, jaw harp, electric tennis racket, overtones, melodica, harmonica, bodhrán and found objects.

Guest appearance by Steve Gilmartin on "City!" playing guitar.

The pressured feeling of the self about to burst in a work camp seems endless. The dissonance of honest labor of harvesting ice is broken by a folk dance under the Aurora Borealis. Architecture and nature make music together during a potent storm in a tower, the brave guitar-bell ringing. The nun's meows spiral up the columns. The ocean is strong enough as it rolls you around in it that you're ready to surrender to nothing but nature. The birds are calling you. The city's industry goes dark.

Listen to ten second preview clips below of each of the ten tunes.

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longform bio

Sound Animal plays whatever it takes to get the Noise, including electric tennis racket, or a dulcimer played with a violin bow and run through distortion pedals. 

Earliest influences include Romantic Era composers like the Russians Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky, German Beethovan, Austrian Schubert (Winteirresse is proto-Doom), Norwegian Grieg, Finish Sibelius, Czech Dvořák incorporating folk tunes. These traditions gave way to the atonal Schoenberg, Webern and Berg and to the experimental, industrial Cage. Playing Romantic Era music on silver flute led to a scholarship. First Place at State contests singing Lieder in German with songs like Schubert's "Farewell, Our Love to Sever" and "Der Todd und das Machen." 

Later, Krautrock became a particularly relevant influence for this album, because like some favorite Romantic composers, it was born in Germany, which is where the Kryrart label is based, though its founder is from the Ukraine and they often release music by Russians. While influences come from music from all over the world, the November album with that label has an icy timeless Eurasian folk tone. 

NewSoundLand is forthcoming from its sub-label, Kryrart Ambient, which that releases international bands such as the excellent Sigil of Time and Alchon. Kryrart favors elements such as some harsh dissonance when appropriate amidst hypnotic melancholy slow beauty, aching for the sanctity of pristine wilderness.

Anton from Russian Kryrart label band Train to Elsewhere said in this fantastic interview: "The pagan traditions are an archetypal part (in a sense that Carl Gustav Jung would describe it) part of our collective unconsciousness, our culture. In a way they have been repressed for centuries, thus leading to trauma. Our idea is to free those archetypes." That got me thinking about freeing specific locations of events that remain there hovering like ghostly imprints. I realize that it's a strange goal for me to create the drama through imagination and then free it by immortalizing it, but there you have it! The dramas are representational of real things that expand beyond. The songs on that album all are mimicking painful but beautiful location-specific dramatic representative events. 

Another album forthcoming is about death and destruction, with a strong Romantic Era background, is a response to our current dystopia. And EP Epigenetic Roadtrip comes from tuning into the DNA stories my ancestors tell, and they include the Melungeons: Native American/African/Celtic mixed blood.

Unrestrained by genre, the semi-feral Sound Animal is Post-Everything, with elements among the wide range of tunes including Drone Metal, Noise Rock, Avant-Garde Metal, Psychedelic Stoner Doom, Experimental Dark Ambient, Neo-Psych, Post-Metal and more. The poignantly simple guitar marches and dirges are countered by complex layered songs with explosions and soaring flutes, ominous monsters dimming the sun and trapping the world. Tunes drop you into the worlds of folk demolitions and ice-harvest dances under the Aurora Borealis. Have a world-is-doomed party and let out the digs! 

Contact: flameflower@runbox.com

Listeners write about the tracks


Amazing! waiting for the full album. I really like the soundscape here, it is enchanting, melancholic. With high production and sound design. I listened to a lot of dark ambeint, and the track really stands out. It has a hypnotic dream-like feel to it, where you are unsure is it a dream or a nightmare. A bit of both. The title reminds me of "The Cats of Ulthar" by H. P. Lovecraft. I dig the low drone in the background and the folk instruments! Thanks for this track! Will be listening to it! 

Anton Bryukov, Train to Elsewhere


I love them. They remind me of the American guitarist Bill Horist. Either way, I am a fan of Horist, and now I am a fan of you, too. I wish you every success with your release. -- Andrew Backhouse, Parish News Experimental Radio Show 

The soundscapes took me to a different dimension, a different place. After the ride of "The Storm at the Belltower," I need a cigarette. In "Haunted Parking Lot," the vocals at the end made me cry. It really moved me, got to me, hit something deep. That doesn't happen to me often. -- Kristen Anderson, daughter of symphony conductor 

You are an amazing sonic architect! ... COOL MAN! That “ Ice Saw” song is WILD! ... I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TOO- Lori Bravo, in Hear She Roars

"Sleepwalking in Snowdrifts" makes me feel a 'great' salt flat vibe.... (N. central Oklahoma) -- A Trenary 

"Storm in the Bell Tower" That's really good and I can't think of anything to compare it to. Maybe early Sonic Youth, or Half Japanese -- Rogan Russell Marshall, musician and filmmaker

"Ice Saw" Sounds ominous. I love it. -- Colin Turner, Artist Love the John Cage-y ‘prepared’ ambience of your sound. Raucous but kinda soothing. -- Dan Troxell Photographer 
"Haunted Parking Garage" Your music compels me to hang in shadowy places at night and seek vampiric transformation . . . just sayin' . . -- E Ferry

"Ice Saw" It has a metallic industrial violin wavelength to it, a steady rhythm of work being done and conveys the certainty of the machine and the despair of becoming another gear in the mechanism. The futility of it all.-- C.J.  
Heiglemann, author  

"Haunted Parking Garage" It's wicked yet inspirational. Tells tales of the past, yet implies a current struggle. You could read certain genres of fiction listening to this class of music and accentuate the mood. --C.J. Heiglemann  

"Haunted Parking Garage" I love the multi-layered sounds and suspenseful buildup! Absolutely stunning and satisfying throughout. -- Carla Wilson, Author

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