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You're welcome to the Wave files if you like, as the SoundCloud songs on the EP are temporarily quietly set to download for free for this purpose during this soft release. Just click the three dots to the right of the song and it will give you the dropdown options including download.

Because this is meant for the niche audience into unconventional tuning with slight dissonance, it will only live on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. It's one extended song in six parts.

The genre is different, but similarly challenging as disconcerting effect as Schoenberg's modernist atonal  Pierrot Lunaire., Half Japanese, Sonic Youth and Captain Beefheart. Don't worry.

About the EP


Avant-Garde Noise Metal


All done with live instruments and found objects, all of which Sound Animal plays: Gibson guitar/bass, silver flute, pungi (snake charmer), khaen (Thai mouth organ), dulcimers, bodhrán (Celtic hand drum), double shepherd's flute, Vox, many found objects, such as wet buckwheat hulls.

Listen loud.

Obnoxious and dissonant, abrasive. Aggressive, with unconventional percussive intensity. Doom-slow watching societal collapse. Melodic, riff-driven.


Sound Animal lives and records in Berkeley, CA. The album NewSoundLand is forthcoming from Kryrart Ambient, a German label, in November.

... A bit more background for you: Sound Animal doesn't perform in public, which would be hard considering there usually a large number of tracks in a song. Prefers to be called Sound Animal rather than a person-name.


Possible talking points:

Inventive uses of many found objects and unusual playing styles, bombastic raucous sound, terrifying Mr. Global, embracing disturbing dissonance throughout as a portrayal of the tension of this time period. Avoidance of electronic music production with samples etc, ultimately genre-defying avant-garde.

Mr. Global is Catherine Austin Fitts' (ex-Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) term for a man she believes is supposedly behind the scenes manipulating the financial landscape of the world.


Freakout Bedbiter goes from frantic to sleep and dreams midway through, becoming somewhat Dark Ambient.

Biocidal Landlord contains the heaviest dissonance.

The EP is instrumental except for Vox on Mr. Global with the words barely discernible, "What are we going to do with you?"


Genre orientation:

Noise Metal examples -- Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, Swans, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Ty Segall. There are elements of Drone Metal here, though not as much as in some other songs elsewhere. Drone Metal examples -- Dylan Carlson and Earth, Nadja, Sunn O))).  Drone Noise Metal examples -- Boris and Böse. They all overlap to varying degrees and different times.

What is Avant-Garde Metal? Experimentation with innovative, avant-garde elements, including dissonance, non-standard sounds, instruments, structures, playing styles, and vocal techniques. Avant-garde metal is influenced by progressive  extreme metal, particularly atmospheric death metal. Associated with Post-Metal. Southern Lord Recordings is a deity.



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