Thai Khaen drone instrument and giving the Metal sign to myself

Thai Khaen drone instrument and giving the Metal sign to myself

Some already officially released tunes plus more new ones will be on an album of location-based, tonal stories dramatizing the  sometimes dissonant intersection of human and nature, using instruments and found objects. It will come out with an exciting independent label, called Kryrart Ambient, based in Germany.

The tunes on the album are similar to Dark Ambient but isn't typical, as Sound Animal's music is not generated from samples, are not what is thought of as electronic, but are played with instruments and found objects, with plenty of manipulation. They are Experimental, Noise, Cinematic Tone Stories, most of them being concept pieces mimicking a specific dramatic situation such as a ghost eruption -- or breaking into a folk dance while harvesting ice.

Melodic, riff-driven. But prepare for an assault on your senses by this EP. Though the genre is different, the off-kilter tuning creates a disconcerting effect in some parts similar to Schoenberg's atonal Pierrot Lunaire, Half Japanese, Sonic Youth, Captain Beefheart.

What Is Dark Ambient?

what is noise?

what is Drone?

what is kraut rock?

psychedelic/dark electric free jazz