lost in physics with babies

The 3rd EP by Sound Animal band, out on SoundCloud and Bandcamp Jan. 13 2022. Thank you for your potential interest in listening or even playing a song on the radio. Contact email. Free file download. It begins with dark tracks and lightens to the brightness. The evocative music story of the process of wandering through physics is complex and intuitive. This four-track EP will kind of fly under the radar like the previous ones, it's nice for listeners to have some context for it, so it's described in full below.

SoundCloud EP.


ep details

All instruments played by SA. Recorded and produced by SA, Berkeley, California, digital only, the third self-released 28 and a half minute EP. Currently only on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, for four dollar purchase. Will be distributed with CD Baby to all platforms.

The genres must be loosely interpreted: space rock, dark ambient, avant-garde. If you ignore the individual titles and cover art, space-rock fits the entire EP quite nicely. The EP begins more toward the dark ambient side and ends up with straight ambient. It's avant-garde partly because there don't seem to be other people making drone-heavy music with snare drum, pungi (Indian snake charmer gourd drone instrument) silver flute, melodica and harmonica.

Every song in the EP includes snare drum, a departure from SA's usual bodhrán. Some of the sounds that could be interpreted as the babies floating by in the distance are vocalizations, khaen, and pungi. The final song, Dew of the Sea, creates the core ambience by playing multiple tracks of silver flute. The mood is relatively lighthearted compared to most SA music.

Pronoun: If played on the radio, a great introduction is to just say Sound Animal -- or to refer to the band as "they."

Official description: "When the EP is taken as a whole and relaxed into as Lost in Physics with Babies, it becomes an electroacoustic space rock passive journey... Or is it all taking place in the mind of someone dissociating while trying to study physics, with babies climbing over the books?

You float as if in amniotic fluid through the dream logic of the discombobulated inner/outer realm of the quantum foam reality while distant babies howl and cry and bloom, passing by in space. And the purity of new fresh beginnings is reached by the end, as the babies are enraptured. 

At first, there is the warning and as you heed it -- the eerie wandering to locations where nothing makes sense, to the room where everything happens, and out to the purity.

Pungi (snake charmer gourd from India), khaen (bamboo and wood mouth organ from Thailand), silver flute, snare drum, harmonica and melodica."

Genres of other EPs include dark ambient, experimental psychedelic, noise metal. A fourth EP is quickly forthcoming, and it includes some drone as well: dystopian inspirational for noble outlaws. The other EPs are easily found on the homepage of this website. In reviews, interviews, etc., mention of this one in context of past work would be fabulous.

Copy/Pasteable links to SA:

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/soundanimal  

Bandcamp https://soundanimal.bandcamp.com/  

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/soundanimalmusic  

Pandora https://www.pandora.com/artist/sound-animal/ARVl5r6JxV6Jtg4  

Website https://sound-animal.com/  

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCScilcyVF09YYrVA_eeYH3Q 

downloadable photos

Oct 2021, Berkeley with Chinese tremolo harmonica

Oct 2021, Berkeley with Chinese tremolo harmonica

Oct 2021 with Thai khaen

Oct 2021 with Thai khaen