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Avant-garde psychedelic doom anthem. Soar through the sky above the devastating beauty of this fragile world.

Song reviewed at Stereo Stickman: "Beautiful in its own creatively new, deeply poignant way – refreshingly interesting, and a pleasure to let your mind wander amidst."

Song reviewed at ANRFactory: "'End of Neverending‘ from the wildly talented experimental Berkeley, California-based Avant-Garde Metal/Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal, is that birds-eye journey to seeing much more than meets the eye to most."

Dystopian album coming Summer 2022 from Kryrart Records

Dystopian album coming Summer 2022 from Kryrart Records

Epigenetic Roadtrip

Sound Animal

Delving into the subconscious memories from the ancestors, as resonating current events trigger expressions of our DNA.

What can we learn from our deep past about bravely recognizing and standing up to trickery and oppression? About enjoying being alive to the fullest?

All instruments and Vox, all by Sound Animal.
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This EP is about traveling deeply into the affects our ancestors' experiences have as they express through our DNA when similar events trigger their memories within our subconscious. What can we learn from our deep past about how to recognize and outsmart danger today?

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Quotes from reviews for Epigenetic Roadtrip: 

 "The second track “War Fire” is, as its title says, a descent into flames. There’s a tortured sensibility running through the track, it has a far darker heart than anything else on the EP, and the doom metal influences are unmistakable. Accomplishing this without relying on the typical tropes is impressive...This is outlaw music, for lack of a better term. It doesn’t adhere to any identifiable formulas and, instead, reaches for a higher artistic purpose than your typical popular music." -- Anne Hollister for Indiesource

"War Fire” goes even darker than the opener. It starts off as a soundtrack for a slaughterhouse and the intensity only goes off the charts from there." -Mark Druery for Indieshark -- where it is nominated for Album of the Year.

"It achieves its lofty goal. Few music projects today harbor these sorts of ambitions. They are far more concerned with pop success, mass appeal, and invoking the music of their youth. Exploring new territory is seldom on the menu. Sound Animal isn’t content retreading the same ground countless other musicians have traveled and the EP Epigenetic Roadtrip goes far afield of anything predictable. There isn’t much middle ground with this release – you will love it or likely have little use for it. The majority of music listeners willing to give it a chance will be quite satisfied." Kim Sullenberger Vents Magazine

The first distributed EP, Epigenetic Roadtrip is Neo-Psych, similar to Desert Rock and Stoner in that it's given to free-form structures, experimentation, is at home with an irregular beat, doesn't necessarily emphasize a a drum kit, and with willingness to go on an uncomfortable journey inside with a reverence for our animal nature and the tangible physical oneness of the unified organism that is our world. The feel, even when not played at a generator party, is walking through a vast desert covered in scintillating mirage. 

These songs set the tone for an intense, emotional, colorful road trip in the desert and/or our bodies, journeying through our family histories, the music taking us through our own epigenetic reality. That scientific term includes the way events in the lives of our ancestors can may suddenly affect us at any age if we face difficult situations similar to what they ultimately overcame. This may be useful to do because epigenetic triggers affect gene expression to turn genes on and off, so when we encounter something that resonates with something dramatic an ancestor experienced, it might cause illness. Processing their traumas today by bringing them closer to conscious awareness can potentially heal patterns. While the other songs allow for the lovely journey to and from, the middle song in this set is conflagration.

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