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Sound Animal band rocks an electric tennis racket and other wild and unexpected sounds.

Complex tunes include unusual uses of instruments such as droned dulcimers played with violin bows and flute. A storm is portrayed by shaking tennis balls in a container and waving a piece of plastic. The music has Gibson guitar at the core.

Relationships of humanity to memorable locations is dramatized with tunes including "Sleepwalking Through Snowdrifts" and "Ice-Saw," will constitute the album NewSoundLand. It's released by Kryrart Ambient from Germany, parent label Kryrart Records, which plans to release a Dark Avant-Garde Metal album summer 2022. The music is made in California.

Are You There?

Sound Animal

Feel free to download this MP3 for radio, podcast or playlist. This tune is pared down to the intensity of a single electric guitar.

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Suggestions for Radio Genre Shows


 This list includes only the officially distributed tunes, which are also at Bandcamp and elsewhere, but most others on this site are available as well if you'd like: contact. The list below works best for flexible cross-genre stations.

Dark Ambient: Ice Saw, Sleepwalking in Snowdrifts, Bell Tower in a Storm, Haunted Parking Garage, Fountain of Artificial Dreams, Sprinklers at Sunset

Avant-Doom: End of Neverending, Walk Your Mastodon, We Are Earth, What It Wants to Be, Sky Fall, What It Wants to Be

Avant-Garde/Experimental: Ice Saw, Sleepwalking in Snowdrifts, Belltower in a Storm, Haunted Parking Garage, Bad Hair Day on Saturn, Sprinklers at Sunset, Before and after Ghosts, Sprinklers at Sunset

Noise Metal: Botulism Cafe, What It Wants to Be, War Fire, Biocidal Landlord, Mr. Global, Freakout Bedbiter

Drone Music: Amphibians We, Bad Hair Day on Saturn, The Meowing Nuns of France, End of Neverending, Walk Your Mastodon, Sky Fall

Neo-Psych/Stoner: Do You Not Remember Me, Man, Trek to the Edge, Are You There?, Bad Hair Day on Saturn, We Are Earth, End of Neverending, Walk Your Mastodon, Your Turn to Be Now, Fountain of Artificial Dreams Bad Hair Day on Saturn, Listen Aloud, Its Your Turn to Be Now, Listen Aloud, What the Hell You Tryna Say, Sky Fall, Noise Tongue, Urban Legend I Call My Life, Hold My Knife by the Blade, Tip of the Top of the Skull to You




Links to The Music








By Sound Animal 2021 with harmonica

Sound Animal

Single cover

favorite bands

Favorite bands are Noise/Drone: Earth from Olympia, Washington, German Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Southern California's Ty Segall and Japanese Boris, English VibraCathedral Orchestra and Seattle's Sunn O))), Barn Owl from San Francisco, Dr. Nerve, Sleep, Om, and Swans, The Body Lovers, Mike Glenn, Bose.

Some others are Psychedelic Stoner Spanish Arenna, Australian Psychedelic Doom Comacozer, Greek Folk Doom Villagers of Ioannina City, Swedish Space Doom Yuri Gagarin, Russian Post Metal 1000Mods, Chicago Post Metal Pelican, Russian Prog Juice Oh Yeah!, Australian The Marlboro Men, 75 Dollar Bill from US, which plays its percussion with a mallet on a crate.

Russian Psychedelic Doom Dog Chasing Sun, German Black Metal/Dungeon Synth  -- Sequestered Doom, Philly Doom Sons of Otis, Canadian Doom band Lochness, Nashville's Psych Metal Howling Giant, Hungarian Neo Psych Space Pilot Voyager, German Krautrock Zone Six, Post Metal Russian Circles.

Also San Francisco's Rock band the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Neo-Psych The Black Angels from Austin, Fusion artist Gary Clarke Jr. of Austin, San Francisco's Neo-Psych Wooden Shjips, Psychedelic Stoner My Sleeping Karma of Germany, Danish Psychedelic Stoner Causa Sui, Canadian Post Rock collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Italian Psychedelic Rock Da Captain Trips.

L.A.'s Neo-Psych Wand, New York's Post Doom Clouds Taste Satanic, Charlotte's Psychedelic Stoner Husky (Circle the Wagons), Baltimore's Punk Stoner Doom Pearly Goats, Norwegian Neo-Psych Steinsopp, and Spanish Psychedelic Stoner Wet Cactus.

And a lotta so many more.

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