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SA (Rosemary/Tantra Bensko) has been fully immersed in the visual arts, such as co-owning a gallery in Montevallo, Alabama, being Times Journal of Photography's World Class Photographer, being the artist on staff for one magazine and the art director for another, judging a major international contest for both art and photography for years, having a solo art show traveling through Spain for years organized by volunteers, being featured in countless magazines and in galleries, etc.

Some of the art in the designs comes from that period of focus on the visual arts, such as the Polaroid Transfer for "Mirage." Many others take full advantage of the latest advanced tools in digital art,  but they still arise from her artistic sensibility.

Also, there is an image purchased from Waclaw Traier and an illustration commissioned from Grimmfrost.


Here's the store to explore.

Many more designs available there than hinted at below.

You know you want it

Art by Grimmfrost


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