The mysterious XAW plays imaginative, creative guitar, which is ambient, drone, distorted, often using a Helix, breaking the human rules of music to take you on a unique journey beyond restrictions. XAW's style uses heavy distortion with pedals to take the sound into an experimental space.

XAW, as part of Sound Animal band, plays on 28 tracks released currently, embedded below, and part of multiple albums.

  • Persistence of Forgetting in the Cousin Silas Emporium Winter Collection compilation album number 3, January 2023 
  • Inti-Mate and Nest both as number two in the Re-Ex chart for Best of the Rest category in 2022
  • Bonestorm and Or What on Sound Pollution podcast 2022
  • Unproven Memory, Melodica Mansion, Inspite Out, Warn, The Persistence of Forgetting, Ambiguous, Inti-Mate, Untold Story, Parts, Strange Friends, and many, many more played on XZXU Stanford radio station on the R Duck's show Sound Wheels, 90.1 FM throughout 2022 and 2023
  •  Parts is included in an official SoundCloud list
  • Half-Remembered Lucid Dream is on the Liminal album Nov 2022, and Tree Life and Fungal Cymbal are EP length
  • Attack Wails on It's Psychedelic, Baby! podcast

XAW on ambient drone guitar

Here are some pieces in which he plays electric guitar, which all began as sections of jams with SA, who then added tracks and performed sound design.

"Persistence of Forgetting" in Cousin Silas' Emporium compilation album 2023 Winter Volume 3

Experimental album with XAW on guitar out now, with Camembert Electrique label

Kosmische album with XAW trading off on drums and guitar, with SA adding layers. Camembert Electrique

Experimental album XAW and SA forthcoming with Camembert Electrique Aug 30

XAW on drums