XAW playing electric guitar

These begin with an improvisational jam, with XAW on guitar and SA on bass. XAW's style often uses heavy distortion with pedals to take the sound into a somewhat ambient experimental space. Jams tend to last for many hours and some songs develop over the course of a full album or even double album, with motifs returning and morphing along the journey.

Then SA cuts, arranges, adds layers of guitar, other instruments, sometimes voice, and other sounds such as percussion by hitting keys on a a MIDI controller, etc. and then mixes/masters, creates art, and there you have it!

XAW on drums

These are similar in process as described above, beginning with jams with XAW playing drums with SA plays bass or guitar. The mysterious XAW has played drums as a key member of excellent bands before but under a different moniker. As XAW plays with more bands, they'll be linked here. And much more music to follow as well.