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By Sound Animal

By Sound Animal

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In addition to the most relevant downloadable files above, this page has drop-down sub-pages for specific purposes. Since they each provide different information that may actually apply to either instance, you may want to look at each page. Many more photos there. This EPK intro page includes a list of Sound Animal projects below. Contact: flameflower@runbox.com. https://www.facebook.com/soundanimalmusic.

Sound Animal is a band in Berkeley, CA, does not perform live, distributes singles regularly, is signed non-exclusively with Kryrart label, promises to get real band photos taken, but in the meantime, any pics you download from these pages need no attribution, as they are by Sound Animal lo-fi style similar to this website. Predominant genres include Psychedelic Doom, Drone, Dark Ambient, Avant-Garde, solo guitar dirges, raw songs with lyrics, instrumentals sometimes with non-language vocals.

Sound Animal loves it when people assume the music must be made by a man. Keep it up.

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The information lives in the underground. It's right underneath us now! The ground is starting to rumble and roil.

Are you specifically interested in NewSoundLand, the Experimental album from Kryrart Ambient coming out in November 2021? Go Here.

What's happening

Some Past Happy Moments:  
Song on The Parish News radio 

Interviewed by C. Siegle

Made guest playlists and conducted an interview for Doomed and Stoned

Song on It's Psychedelic, Baby! radio

Written interview It's Psychedelic, Baby! magazine

Song on The General Stoner Army Radio
Song on Don Compau's No Pigeonholes radio show
Included in Spotify's New Psychedelic Stoner Sludge Doom Rock and Metal 2021
Song on "What's This Called?" FreedomPortland radio
EP reviewed by Stoner Hive
Reviewed by Stereo Stickman

Reviewed by Outlaws of the Sun

Reviewed by ANRFactory
Interview with Sound Pollution podcast and songs on their radio show
Song featured at Pandora in playlist
Album from Kryrart Ambient November 2021


Moderator at Doomed and Stoned FB group 


Album from Kryrart Records Februrary 2022

Compilation album with Vanguardismo Extremo this Fall 

Compilation album with Kryrart
Occasional guest co-host at Sound Pollution podcast