quick introduction to sound animal

Welcome to the shifting landscape of a few musical pieces below. Sound Animal ranges freely into and out of many genres, finding holes in their fences into the wild. So, the pieces chosen may or may not represent your favorite of the sounds. Who knows.

Sound Animal music explores in the areas normally abandoned, beyond human constraints, following some person-rules, voluntarily throwing off others, even embracing some dissonance, running away from traditional predictable structures, often vocalizing with the sounds of the human animal without the pre-made meanings of words.

The music is discovered primarily through ambient compilations, or psych and experimental radio shows like Sound Wheels out of Stanford. Lots more info on the site if you want to look further into radio show archives, reviews, interviews, categorized music, videos, photos, art images.

There is also a blog often introducing SA's interviews with other musicians, such as published at Cave Dweller Music.

The overall genre is Experimental, which could be placed before any of the genres the music is listed in, such as at SoundCloud, where the larger the category labels the better: the comments on that site sustain Sound Animal. Obscure noisy genres are embraced, most often with the slow pace of doom, such as drone, avant-garde ambient, and post-psych-rock.

Sound Animal is an artist (SA) and, by extension, a band that includes any collaborators with their tracks included in songs. Contributors live in California, France, Poland, Washington, the UK, the Netherlands. SA, based in Berkeley, CA, plays a wide variety of instruments, with emphasis on electric guitar, drums, bass, melodica, flute, synth, voice and found objects.

At this point, singles are no longer being up up on this site -- they can be found at Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Last.fm, etc.

SA fall 2021

Best of sound animal

A small selection

The song above is with Steve Gilmartin on the bluesy guitar, and below, XAW plays the scraping guitar.