Sound Animal

Slow down for a magic carpet ride as each Lo-Fi tune transports you to an exotic state of mind in a dramatic location mimicked by the instruments. You're not a tourist here. You inhabit each place like a dream, a lifetime.

Released by Kryrart Ambient label in Germany. The album is subtly different from much ambient in that it's not electronic, no samples or synths. But an electrified tennis racket played with a rock.

The lengthy Avant-Garde Dark Ambient Instrumentals are created always with a Gibson Paul II guitar, and also dulcimers played with a bow, silver flute, double shepherd's flute, pungi, jaw harp, electric tennis racket, overtones, melodica, harmonica, bodhrán and found objects.

Guest appearance by Steve Gilmartin on "City!" playing guitar.

The pressured feeling of the self about to burst in a work camp seems endless. The dissonance of honest labor of harvesting ice is broken by a folk dance under the Aurora Borealis. Architecture and nature make music together during a potent storm in a tower, the brave guitar-bell ringing. The nun's meows spiral up the columns. The ocean is strong enough as it rolls you around in it that you're ready to surrender to nothing but nature. The birds are calling you. The city's industry goes dark.

Listen to ten second preview clips below of each of the ten tunes.

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