Keep in Touch for the Song about Shooting Hoops

I discovered the practical value that comes from shooting hoops on a near-daily basis and getting to be a crack shot. 

The actual benefit of developing accuracy with throwing things into the air at a hoop is this: It serves you well when you need to throw your shoe at the basketball that has become wedged behind the hoop. 

I had a friend whose Frisbee got stuck on a roof. He tried to get it down by throwing his shoes at it. They both became stuck. I considered this lesson very carefully before throwing my shoe. I did not want to have it get stuck and walk home with one shoe and then the park was closed and I had to wait until the next day and go in with a trash picker upper to retrieve the basketball. No I did not.

Got it down on the first shoe-shot. 

It all comes full circle. Full sphere. Full whooping hoops, my friends.

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