Interview with Rodion Rosca's Daughter


SA: Hello, Isabella, thank you for kindly agreeing to an interview. I’m honored to be able to ask you some questions about your father and yourself. It’s tragic that Rodion is no longer with you. You must miss him terribly. Can you tell me about something he used to do that you thought was adorable?

I: Oh yes, we miss him very much. He did many adorable things. He was perfectionist, meticulous. The music he composed says a lot.

SA: Could you tell me a story about your relationship with him?

I: I have a very good relationship and I was very attached to my father. My parents divorced when I was very young and I grew up with my father. My father taught me so many things from cooking to how to handle any situation. I talked on the phone every day for hours about everything.

SA: That's so wonderful to hear. He did seems resourceful, and I'm glad he passed that practical quality to you. And great that you had that closeness, is so important for well-being throughout one's entire life. What was the location and community like where you grew up with him?

I: I grew up in a two-room apartment located in Cluj- Napoca and there was always music. My father worked from home repairing speakers, was the best. Many people came to our house. And in 2003 my father bought a house in a commune at a distance of 30 km from Cluj -Napoca. It was my wish to have a house in the country where to have a puppy, a cat, where we moved for a while after which we returned to Cluj.

SA: I'm so glad you got your wish! Do you make music, yourself? What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I: I don't make music: my father didn't encourage me to make music and he didn't want that for me, to be on the road all the time -- rehearsals, frivolous colleagues . I really like the music my father composed and I want to play a song of his in the future.

SA: That sounds like that would be fun to play one of his. Did he ever get you up dancing to his music?

I: No, but I danced at shows where my father sang. Everyone danced and it felt good.

SA: That's great! I saw in a documentary that he said he stopped playing guitar after his mother passed because it made him too sad, since she was such a supporter of his work. Did he really put aside the guitar for a very long time before going back on stage at the end? Can you tell us more about that?

I: My father gave up music from the moment his mother died; he couldn't play at all; he didn't have to compose music anymore, and he stopped from that when he was most successful. There have been many years of pause in music.

SA: That's sad, but that kind of love is deeply beautiful. el a fost un vizionar... He was such a visionary, coming up with unique innovative concepts that changed music forever. Do you think he was innovative in other ways as well? What's something you've done differently than other people around you, something that makes you unique?

I: My father had some inventions that he unfortunately did not register and they appeared a few years later.

SA: Do you think someone took the ideas from him? 

I: No, after a few years the idea came to another man. Too bad my dad didn't record his inventions. 

SA: Yes it is, though they can be quite expensive to copyright. i'm so glad they weren't thefts. What are your dreams for your own life and what do you find most exciting about your world?

I: I really want to sing a song by my father , to finish the house my father bought. And at the moment I am raising children and I don't have much time for other dreams. 

SA: Raising children well is a wonderful thing, and I'm sure you're a delightful parent. Those are good dreams that sound doable. 

I: Thank you 

SA: Thank you for answering these questions!