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Second Guest Playlist on Doomed and Stoned Show

I got to do a another guest playlist for the Doomed and Stoned show, a popular podcast tirelessly run by the great Billy Goate, which you can find on many online venues. It brings attention to Stoner/Doom Metal bands, helping…

Guest Playlist on Doomed and Stoned Show

Why that image? Well, it's pretty generally Doom-macabre the way he's melting. Also, there's a strong sun theme in the songs, so, well, this character has been out a leeeetle too long.

It's an honor to participate in Billy Goate's…

What Is Doom Metal?

photo by Sigmund


What better form of music to express the angst of today than Doom? 

Interested in exploring the aching shadows of your musical self and listening to, or even playing, music that’s slow, low, hypnotic, and addictive, beautiful…

What Genre Does Sound Animal Play?

Hell if I know:

This music lunges and rolls around the genre landscape ground. It slides into mirages and pulls itself out covered in Desert shimmer. It's a noble animal.

The created music includes such as this: cinematic soundscapes portraying…