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The Sound Animal Pandora Channel

Sound Animal's Pandora station started with Dead Meadow first as the song it played similar to the music. And Megrez' Gordion Knot.

Then, it played Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 by Earth.

Life is now fulfilled.

A subscriber…

Sound Animal Interviews Russian Doom Band Train to Elsewhere

(section of a photo by Makhmud Podzhigay)

Sound Animal interviewed the Doom Metal band, Train to Elsewhere, published at Billy Goate's Doomed at Stoned.

It begins:

This is a momentous occasion for people around the world who appreciate Stoner Doom…

Second Guest Playlist on Doomed and Stoned Show

I got to do a another guest playlist for the Doomed and Stoned show, a popular podcast tirelessly run by the great Billy Goate, which you can find on many online venues. It brings attention to Stoner/Doom Metal bands, helping…

Guest Playlist on Doomed and Stoned Show

Why that image? Well, it's pretty generally Doom-macabre the way he's melting. Also, there's a strong sun theme in the songs, so, well, this character has been out a leeeetle too long.

It's an honor to participate in Billy Goate's…

Music That Makes Me Make That Face: 1000Mods

Album cover Super Van Vacation

You know that face, right?

Listening to the explosively popular Greek band 1000Mods regularly Makes Me Make That Face. Listening to music is all well and good, but when it twists up your muscles